Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Boot Crochet

A blast from the fairly recent past. I've only been making my own X-mas cards for three years now, but each one has featured a fridgie/applique ornament with a Texan theme. In 2007 it was a Santa Claus Cowboy Boot. I already kinda posted it at Ravelry but I've revised the instructions and added a chart and will link it properly this time.

Santa Cowboy Boot Appliqué - revised

Cecilia A. Lira 2007 (revised 2008)

Note: crochet thread sz 10,
gold lamé crochet thread
hook sz 9 (1.75mm)
finished height 2”

Heel/Sole – Black
1) ch7,ch2 turn
2) sc6, ch2 turn
3) sc6, ch11, end off

Boot Body – Red
Attach at last ch of black
4) ch2, sc3, hdc2, hdc dec , dc3, 2dc in next st, dc6, ch3 turn
5) dc8, hdc2, hdc dec, sc4, sl st, ch1 turn
6) sl st in sc, sc3, sc dec, hdc, hdc & dc in next st, 2 dc in next st, dc7, ch3 turn
7) – 9) dc9, ch3 turn
10) dc9, end off

Cuff – White
Attach last ch3 of red
11) ch3, 2 dc in same st, dc8, 3dc in last st, ch3 turn
12) dc3, hdc, sc, sl st2, sc, hdc, dc3, ch3, sl st to next st, end off

Strap - Black
Attach at end of R6, ch11, sl st to start of R6, slst11, end off

Buckle – Gold
Attach in 4th dc R5, sl st 2, (turn 90 degrees, sl st3) 3 times, end off


Suzanne Broadhurst said...

Thank you for the boot crochet pattern. I adapted it and made a cowboy boot applique for a crocheted purse for a cowboy-themed silent auction. I posted it on my website if you'd like to see how it came out. Thank you again for sharing your crochet talents. :-)

Suzanne Broadhurst said...

Oh, it didn't link my name to my blog, so you can see the boot. Here it is ... It's not spammy, I promise. :-) Where Life Meets Homeschooling

Cecinatrix said...

Hi Suzanne,

The purse looks great! I love seeing what people can do with my patterns.Thanks for sharing the link.