Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 2 - 8 months later

As I was saying... ;-)

The time does get away from me. I like to tell myself I took so long to get back to this because I wanted to finish crocheting the title banner first. And of course, I only just did that last week.

Like most things I photograph, the actual thing looks better. My "skill" with a camera is laughable and I apparently live in some sort of light-obliterating cave. Alas. :-)

I had toyed with an even more photo-shopped version:

but I really wanted to add the yarn ball/pillow - and, you guessed it, I suck at photoshop.

It may be difficult to tell, but I am serious about my work. I'm just not serious about my life and have consequently developed an attention span that can barely be measu...

oooo. pretty.

Oh! Where was I?

Sorry. Old, bad joke. But it still makes me laugh.

So I guess I'll start posting some (crappy) photos of my (fabulous) art and then blather on a bit trying to figure out such esoteric ideas as motivation, inspiration, voice - all the things I didn't learn at art school (which I didn't go to at all) and which were considered questionable practices at grad school (which trained me in the biological sciences but I opted instead for a life in art and craft obscurity).

Ooo. Now where to begin? Well that's a dilemma to sleep on.

the Cecinatrix

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