Friday, December 10, 2010

Aha! Another Banner.

See? I have been up to no good with my hook. Another pennant banner made before summer that has, until recently, been languishing away in my hermitage awaiting its day in front of the camera. OK, so the picture doesn't do the details of the stitches any kind of justice. I do believe the gist can be gathered - maybe if you squint?

Anyway, now available at my little hunk of Ravelry:

Six different stitches each featured on its own pennant flag all lined up in a row as a bright and colorful banner.

And for free, too.

All 12 pages.


Hook On

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trendy Me

Hey, a girl can dream. I was so pleased with myself earlier this year when I noticed that colorful banners made of pennant flags were popping up everywhere in the home-deco/craft-happy world. I usually don't notice a trend until it has appeared everywhere first. But not this time. No, I was right there when the paper versions started making the rounds. I even managed to notice that there weren't any crochet versions popping up yet.

Woo hoo!

So I hopped on the boat and came up with this nifty little thread crochet banner with a slogan that just snarks "me". Even came up with a second, more complicated version that I'll post later this week. (I may actually have finally learned to space out my publishing efforts.) There I was, mid-April 2010 with the banners done and both looking kind of cute, even if I did say so myself. I say a lot myself. Anyway...

May = Getting too hot outside to think properly.
June = Hotter!
July = Hotter!
August = Oh dear Lord!
September = Ooo, I can think again.
October = Hey, I need to write those patterns.
November = Oh yeah, and the charts.
December = Where's my camera?

And now, only a few short months later - I present to one and to all, the Wahoo Pennant Banner:

Pattern available at Ravelry.

I'd post it here, but it's kind of long - 5 pages. Big charts, lots of words. What can I say?

Hope you enjoy this little offering.

Come experience the wonders at the trailing end of a trend with me.

Hook On!