Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Fridgies/Appliques

Love love love Halloween. The candy, the costumes, the mystery, the Great Pumpkin - my own Heaven on Earth!

Here are a couple of crochet projects to celebrate the season. Enjoy! :

"Scaredy Cat"

Halloween Cat Silhouette Fridgie/Applique C. A. Lira 2008

Note: crochet thread sz 10, hk size 9 (1.75mm), finished height 1.75”

ch 26
Rear Leg
sl st, sc, sl st, sc 6, hdc, dc
ch 14, sl st, (2 sl st next ch) 3 times, (sk1 ch, sl st in next ch) 4 times, sk1 ch, sl st into top of dc
dc in same ch as last dc, 2 trc in next ch, 2 dtr in next ch, trc & dc in next ch, dc & sc in next ch
ch5, sl st to 1st ch from hook, sc in next ch,
2 dc into same (hub) sc as ch5,
ch2, sl st to 1st ch from hook, sc into side of dc,
dc in hub sc,
ch2, sl st in hub sc,
sc into side of hub sc, sc into same st as hub sc
Front Leg
sc in next ch, sc 6, sl st, sc, sl st, end off

"Witch Silhouette"

Witch Fridgie/Applique C. A. Lira 2008

Note: crochet thread sz 10, hook sz 9 (1.75mm), finished height 3”

1) ch3, dc in beginning ch, ch3, turn
2) dc in same ch as ch3, 2dc in next st, dc, ch3 turn
3) dc 3, ch3 turn
4) dc 5, do not turn
5) ch4
6) sl st in next 3 chs, turn, sl st in next 6 sts, do not turn
7) ch4
8) sl st in next 3 chs, turn, sl st to sc, do not turn
9) sc 4
10) ch4
11) sl st, sc dec next 2 chs, turn, sc 3, slst, do not turn
12) ch8, sl st, ch1 turn
13) sc 9
14) ch2, turn, 2 sc next st, sc in next 8 sts, do not turn
15) ch5, sl st, sc 4, (2sc next st) twice, 3sc next st, sc 2, ch1 turn
16) sc 3, do not turn
17) ch15, trc in 4th ch from hook, trc 2, dc 3, hdc 2, sc 2, sl st 2, turn
18) sc 3, 2sc in next st, ch2 turn
19) sc 5, ch2 turn
20) sc 5 , 2sc in next st, do not turn
21) ch8, turn, sc 14, 2sc in next st, do not turn
22) ch2, sc 9, ch1 turn
23)sc dec next 2 sts, sc 5, 2sc in next st, ch1 turn
24) sc 7, ch7, sl st 2 joining to arm at last 2 sts, ch7, do not turn
25) sl st 6, turn, sl st 9, sc 7, ch 14, do not turn
26) ch3, trc 3, hdc, sc, sl st 3, sc 5, turn, sc 7 to end of row, ch1 turn
27) sc dec, sc 8, sl st, ch1 turn
28) sc 8, sl st, ch1 turn
29) sc 7, sl st, ch1 turn
30) sc 6, sl st, ch1 turn
31) sc, ch3 do not turn, 2 sl st, dc in sc, sl st into side of dc, sl st in sc, sl st next 2 sts, do not turn
32) sc, ch3 do not turn, 2 sl st, dc in sc, sl st into side of dc, sl st in sc, end off


Seattle Mom said...

I love these patterns. Thank you so much for sharing them! The cat has turned out perfectly but I'm having trouble with the witch. When you say in rows 3 & 4 to "dc 3" and "dc 5" can you share which stitches you are running these DC into? I've tried a couple of times but can't seem to get it right.


Unknown said...

Cool !! thanks for sharing your knowledges !! Leelou

Cecinatrix said...

Thank you for stopping by, liking my site and just making my day.


Cecinatrix said...

...and only 14 months later:

Hi there.
Thank you for stopping by. It's been a rough
couple of years. I enjoy all the love from all of
my readers and commentators.(Commenters?)

If you are still wondering about the pattern:
1st - my sincerest apologies
2nd -I have a bad habit of working stitches
into the turning chain and forgetting to note
it in the instructions. These two steps are
more accurately described as follows:

Row 3) dc into each of the next 2 dc and dc 1
into the turning chain.

Row 4) dc 1 into base of turning ch, dc into
each of next 2 dc, 2 dc into turning chain of
previous row.

Do you read charts? I'm very visual and charts help me a lot so I put up a couple two days
after this post on 10/29/08

Hope that helps. Let me know.

Thanks again. Sorry again.

Always, C