Friday, August 27, 2010

Eagle pattern update

I noticed that on Ravelry someone was having a lot of trouble with the Eagle pattern from my set of Political Animal Appliques so I decided to take a look at what I currently had available as a pattern.


No wonder the poor soul suffered. That is one crap pattern.

I am pretty obviously still polluting the web-o-sphere with some horribly truncated mutant ... oh, let us call them "patterns" for lack of a succinct term that defines an almost random collection/list of ethereally defined yet mostly standard abbreviations for crochet stitches.

My major bad.

So, now I'm taking steps to do round-ups and updates on some of the more ornery miscreants. Starting with the Eagle applique.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback on the update. I put in a lot of structural details hoping to clear up the intent of some of my hook juggling. I fear this may have made the pattern more confusing.


Hook On!

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