Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Palooza 2011

Happy Happy Turkey Day

It approaches rapidly. An entire day of mainlining giblet gravy and indulging in glorious TV zombification. Parades, football games, comfort food out the yin yang and relatives! Oh, wait. Can we add copious amounts of liquor to the list? That always makes my family very entertaining.

Not able to partake of the fun this year - just a wishy washy pseudo version here at pay-by-the-month Casa Apartimento Cecinatrix. I am perfectly fine with splurging for a turkey coma this year even though it may be tight financially. Hey, I'll be napping through a lot of that stuff anyway.

So to honor the crappy economy, the season of gluttony and my ever more annoying feline situation (as in with the very existence of my little habitat-infesting hairball demons), I offer a "new" service: crochet patterns for sale.

Pumpkin Cat Pie

Available at Etsy and Ravelry.

Couldn't bring myself to charge a lot although God knows that I really... really... really... wanted to because these things take for frickin' ever for me to write and draw. We are all in the same 3-ring fiasco of an economy together and maybe the best we can hope for is to all get together online and swap our pennies.

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." Or so I've heard it said. I love making cat-pliques but can't imagine making them as items for sale. Just can't see mass producing and stockpiling a product that may or may not sell. I prefer special orders and finite logistics. Requests are great and I love working out the details with customers. That I find creative, fun, goal-oriented and logical. (No. There are no points on the tips of my ears - I just like at least the pretense of organizational order in my life.)

Besides, patterns are actually a fun option, eventually. Time consuming and frustrating yes, but also pretty cool. Share the love without stocking woes or even shipping costs? Mmmmm. Homerina like.


Hook On, my lovelies and feast well.


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