Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cats Galore

Now for the second installment of the Cat Pack - another sitting cat but this time in a more judgmental pose.

Now a much easier to understand free pdf download at my Ravelry pattern store.

Cat Attack Appliqué
C. A. Lira 2008

Note: crochet thread sz 10
hk size 9 (1.75mm)
finished height 1 ½”

Sitting Cat
1) ch3, slst, sc, ch2, ch3, slst, sc, ch2 turn
2) sc same, sc2, 2sc, ch2 turn
3) sc5, ch2 turn
4) scdec, sc2, scdec, ch2 turn
5) (scdec) twice, ch2 turn
6) sc same, sc, 2sc, ch2 turn
7) 2sc same, sc3, ch2turn
8) sc4, 2sc, ch2 turn
9) sc same, sc6, ch2 turn
10) sc6, 2sc, ch2 turn
11) sc same, sc8, ch2 turn
12) sc9
13) ch14, sc, (2sc) three times, sc6, (2sc) twice, sc7, ch2 turn
14) sc same, ch2 turn
15) 2sc, slst to body, sc3, ch2 turn
16) sc same, ch2 turn
17) 2sc, slst to body, end off

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