Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here be dragons.

Okay - so it's only one dragon ... and it's only in silhouette ... and it's only a crocheted applique version. But it was requested by a friend, so it comes with love. :-)

For Fluxx

3/14/11 NOTE: PDF version with instructions written out in words available for free at Ravelry:

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Dragon Appliqué
C. A. Lira 2008

Note: crochet thread sz 10
hk size 9 (1.75mm)
finished height 2”
1) ch4, sc2, 2sc, ch2 turn
2) sc2, 2sc, ch2 turn
3) sc same st, sc3, slst, ch4
4) hdc in 2ndst, dc2, hdc, sc3, 2sc, ch2 turn
5) sc2, slst, ch2 turn
6) sc2, 2sc
7) ch19, slst, sc3, hdc3, dc3, sk1 st, sc12, ch2 turn
8) sc7, 3sc in same st, hdc, dc2, sk1 st, slst, ch7, slst
9) sc, hdc, dc3, sk1 st, slst, ch5, slst
10) sc, hdc, dc, dc in same st as ch5, sk3 sts, sc10, ch2 turn
11) sc same st, sc5, ch2 turn
12) sc6
13) ch5, slst2, (ch2, slst2) twice, sc, 2hdc in next st, hdc2, sc2, scdec, ch2 turn
14) sc6
15) ch3, sc, hdc3, sc5, ch2 turn
16) sc same st, sc7, 2sc in same st, ch2 turn
17) sc same st, sc2, sl st, ch1 turn
18) slst, sc3, ch6, slst, slstdec, ch2, slst, sc same st as ch2, dc4, ch1, sl st side of dc, slst same st as dc, sk1 st, slst, sc same st as next slst, sc6, ch12, slst, sc6, 2sc in next st, sc9, slst, ch1 turn
19) slst, 2sc in next st, hdc, dc4, hdc3, sc6, slst
Tail Barb
20) ch3, slst, sc, dc into end of tail, ch1, slst into side of dc, ch3, slst, sc, slst to tail, slst
21) ch3, slst, hdc, sk3 sts (including same as ch3), slst to 4th st, slst2, {ch4, slst, hdc, dc, sk3 sts (including same as ch4), slst to 4th st, slst2}} three times
22) slst5 across front of wing in an arc, slst1 on neck
23) ch4, slst, hdc, dc, sk3 sts (including same as ch3), slst to 4th st , slst
24) ch4, slst, hdcdec, slst to same st as ch4
25) ch3, slst, sc, sk3 sts (including st of ch3), slst join to 4th st at top of brow, end off


Niki said...

Great design, you have talent! I'm using it to add to my son's longies. Thanks for making it free :)

vicki said...

your dragon is awesome thank you so much for making it free am going to make hubby a afghan and add these kind of things on top will be cool ty once again

Unknown said...

great dragon! But what do you mean by: sc2, 2sc, ch2 turn. Is that sc in next 2, 2 sc in next st, ch 2 and turn?

Cecinatrix said...

Hello Heidi.

Oh I'm sorry I missed your comment. I do appreciate you trying my little pattern and asking about it.

You are exactly right about the "translation" of that direction. I hope it worked out for you.

That's one of my shorthand phrases. It makes it easier for me to write down what I'm doing as I play with a new pattern.

I sometimes forget to fill in the long (understandable?) version of these statements when I transcribe my notes.

My apology. Please let me know about any other questions. I will keep a closer eye on the comment section.

Thank you.

Ellen Vitale said...

This is a really cute dragon and I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much!

Cecinatrix said...

Thank you for stopping by, Ellen. Let me know if you have any trouble with it.

Laurie D'Ghent said...

I'm confused at step 9. If I continue working along the wing, I run out of stitches. Can anyone help me?

Cecinatrix said...

Don't go back along the wing. Step 9 makes one of the large sections/points that comes off the wing base.

skip 1st ch(the closest to the hook)of the ch7 made in step8, sc in next chain of that ch7, hdc in next ch, dc in each of next 3 chs, skip the next ch, slst to last dc made in step8, ch5, skip 1st ch(the closest to the hook)of this ch5 just made, slst into next ch of ch5....

free pdf available with written out instructions and steps written in font colors that match the colors of the stitches on the chart that these steps describe.

download now

Laurie D'Ghent said...

Thank you!