Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year.

Happy enough anyway. Only 3 days in and I finally got around to posting this small tribute to the festivities. It was going to be much more clever with a Dec 31st champagne cork pop, clinking flutes glasses, pointy hat and a blow tickler - the curly blowy thing I think is what we call it in America ;-). If anyone knows what we really call them, please tell me. I hate having such obvious holes in my already severely limited lexicon.

What? Oh. Oh yeah. I managed to finish the cork pop before my Xmas gift fully incubated and let loose on my upper respiratory track. Hope you enjoy it.

You know, I didn't realize until just now that the foam and cork look a little like a stick figure doing the "Walter Houston/I found gold" dance from Treasure of the Sierra Madre. That's a cool little surprise. Mmmmm. Wow. These over-the-counter decongestants are really having a party with the fist-full of pharmaceuticals I normally take for the aches and quirks of my rapidly approaching geezerdom.

Oh yeah, ...pattern. Happy Happy

Champagne Cork Pop

Cecilia A. Lira 12/31/08-1/1/19

Notes: hk sz 9 (1.75mm), thread sz 10, final size 2 ¾”

1) ch7, sc6, ch2 turn

2 - 9) sc6, ch2 turn

10) scdec (include same st as turning ch), sc3, scdec, ch2 turn

11) sc4,ch2 turn

12) scdec (include same st as turning ch), sc, scdec, ch2 turn

13) sc2, sc again in last st, ch2

14) scdec (include same st as turning ch), scdec last 2 sts, ch2 turn

15 – 17) sc, ch2 turn

18) sc same st as turning ch, sc

19) ch12, (2slst in next ch) 5 times, slst2

20) ch11, (2slst in next ch) 4 times, slst2

21) ch4, sc in 3rd ch of ch4 (hub), 2sc in hub, ch2, slst to hub,

22) sc in ch under hub, hdc in next ch, ch1, slst into side of hdc just made,
slst to next ch

23) ch12, (sk1, slst next) 6 times

24) slst next 9 chs, slst to next sc on bottle, end off

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Unknown said...

Came to get the pattern from seeing it on pintrest and read your into and cracked up laughing!
Hope your feeling better; being sick sucks!