Friday, March 6, 2009

Wearing of the Green

Hmm. Now how did that happen? I was minding my own business and just happened to look up from my hook one day and it was suddenly March! WTF?! I had intended to do a "motifs through the ages" thing by posting something for each month of the year. Alas, but time can be a harsh mistress. Fortunately, this particular "mistress of crochet" is quite forgiving - especially when it comes to myself and those imaginary deadlines. :-)

So, March. (Forget February for now - ugly baggage in my attic about Valentine's Day anyway). Soo. Ah, of course - St. Patrick's Day. Now, what to make that isn't too much of a stereotype or worse yet a complete cliche. Something still green and fun. Hmm. Well,(to be perfectly honest)I made this last year but it is simple and the 15th doth approach fairly quickly soooo:

Clover Heart

C.A. Lira 2009

Heart – Green

1) ch2, sc1 in 2nd ch from hook, ch2 turn
2) sc in 1st sc , sc1 in turning ch of prev row, ch2 turn
3) sc in 1st sc, sc1, 2sc in ch, ch2 turn
4) sc in 1st sc, sc3, 2sc in ch, ch2 turn
5) sc in 1st sc, sc 5, 2sc in ch, ch2 turn
6) sc in 1st st, sc7, 2sc in ch, ch2 turn
7) scdec (including 1st sc), sc4, ch2 turn
8) sk 1st sc, scdec, sc1, scdec, ch2 turn
9) scdec (including 1st scdec), scdec (including ch), end off
10) insert thread in 6th sc (center), sc4, 2sc in ch, ch2 turn
11) scdec (including 1st sc), sc2, scdec, ch2 turn
12) sk 1st sc, scdec, scdec (including ch), do not turn
13) sc1 into the side of last scdec and continue left down to tip of heart (9 scs)
14) ch1, sc into the side of the next st continuing up and around (10 scs)
15) sc1 into each of next 3 scs,
16) slst into side of next st, slst into sc beneath center sc, sl st into side of next sc,
17) 2 sc into next ch2, sc2, slst to next st, end off

Wee Clover – darker green
Ch8, slst in 4th chain from hook (hub ch), (ch3, slst into hub ch) 3 times, end off.

Strap - Black
Attach into side of sc at right end of R6, ch11, slst into side of sc at left end / (beginning) of R6, slst11, end off

Buckle – Gold
Attach in 4th sc of R5, ch2, sk2 sc, slst in next sc, (turn 900, slst3) 3 times, end off

Tuck stem of shamrock under ch2 of buckle.

I made a chart but I don't think it's particularly helpful. I'll add it to this post anyway. Uhm. Later today (forgot to change it to a jpeg - dopey me)

So I hope you enjoy.




Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this! I love it ~ haven't seen one like it. I'm in a lazy stage - going for the easy stuff. This will work ;)


Debbi-a1 said...

That is so cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Andrea Nicole Plotts said...

I participated in a green blog hop and shared your blog there.. check it out at:

Thanks so much! Great pattern!

Cecinatrix said...

Thanks for including me in the hop. Looks like some pretty cool company.