Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crocheted Soup Shoe

My 2009 contribution to today's Empty Bowls Houston:

"Let Them Eat Soup" Lira '09

Empty Bowls is a great concept as well as a noble endeavor. A fund-raising event for the Houston Food Bank where participates donate $25 for a meal of bread and soup and a handmade bowl chosen from a pool of donated work from all manner of local craft artists.

"Let Them Eat Soup" with bowl out of cradle

I also like the idea that my particular "empty bowl", as a 3D form created in an open mesh, serves more as reminder of a good deed and worthy cause rather than as functional object. Added bonus is I get another shot at forcing crochet as art down people's throats. Uhm...of course I mean "sowing the seed of crochet as a legitimate art form". ;-]

For photos of different angles see me at flickr

Live long and crochet.

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