Sunday, March 29, 2009

Notebook antics.

I was in my notebook attaching the rejection letter to the first project page (yet another attempt at keeping things organized) when I saw the sketches that started the whole thing. It sounds arrogant, but I sometimes really like the sketches. It just isn't all that easy to reproduce them in thread. I thought it would be fun to see how things progressed:

Call for entry topic was: "With or Without Water".

First idea that came to me:

A "water is life" thing.

I envisioned a river-scape teeming with behind the curly stylized wave side of the figure and the sered, cracked fissures of a dried lake bed under the stylized skeleton half. Didn't draw it in because I couldn't figure out how to make the dry lake bed look like it was approaching the horizon (remember - no art training at all). So I started on the figure to see if I could at least get her to where I wanted.

So the skeleton is more of an outline than an empty cage form butI liked it. So much so that I didn't want to ruin it with color work on the waves. So I made another one.

This second thread sketch/prototype, as I like to refer to them, also served to see if I could repeat the figure satisfactorily. Ever have trouble making the same thing look the same way twice? sigh. I do.

I make my prototypes out of white thread so I can see all the stitches clearly (never try to use black or navy for this purpose unless you have a police-grade search light in your working space). Usually I then switch to another color for the final product and for this one I was going to use a blue body. I tried several variations on small test swatches and didn't like any of them. The white body made the blues in the curls pop. So I stuck with white. Glad I did. When it came time to make the heart/wings the white makes the figure stand out better against all that green.

The skeleton half of the body could have been made of that linen brown color that was used for the heart/wing background loops. I didn't think that the black lines alone wouldn't stand out enough. So white it was for that half too.

Next choice was black or white background for the photograph?

Dramatic but hard to see the edges of the wings/heart.


see the edges but loose the "haunty" feel.

Ah, White is more of a standard for these things (I think) so that's what went in despite the crap-tastic-ness of the photo quality. I know better, but I did it anyway. I swear by everything that isn't blurry; next time, professional photographer!

So that's how a faint little sketch becomes a final crocheted project in my little corner of the universe. This was fun. No one ever hears about how the design decisions happen along the way. Only my cats if I happen to be talking aloud. Hmm. Who knew?

Hook On!


Emmanuelle said...

I love it! I like the sketches too!

Cecinatrix said...

Hey there curlymonkeyandco.

Thanks for the love. I'm beginning to like it again.

I can't tell you how sick of it I was right as I finished it. Familiarity and contempt I guess. ;-)