Friday, March 20, 2009

Crochet Space Ship Appliques

Was born the year man walked on the surface of the moon (stop doing the math!) and just have this mad love/tender bemusement thing for spacey things. In particular, space ships with fins, flying saucers with glass bubbles, friendly aliens and the complete disregard for the actual scientific principles of astrophysics found only in 50's scifi "epics". An inverted fishbowl really can let you breathe in space, honest! Especially when it isn't attached to anything other than your head. ; -)

So I designed and crocheted both a saucer and a rocket. Had the idea for quite some time now, made one of the rockets for a fiber book I'm perpetually working on (3 yrs and running - woohoo!):

I've been a little fixated on chatelaines (pincushion/scissor holder combos for the sewing kind) so I thought I'd use the space ships for one of those. The chatelaines aren't really moving at my etsy site (who would have thought that businesses need to advertise?)

I still think the designs are fun and cute and want others to be able to make them too.

(D'Oh! By the way, the pattern is available at ravelry as a pdf dowload. Thanks to Kathy for the heads up.)

So, since I've also been on such an applique kick lately, I thought I'd write up the patterns. I know I've been sharing patterns for free, but they are very time consuming and it would be really helpful if I could generate a little income in these sucky financial times. But then, who wouldn't benefit from a little cash flow these days?

So please understand that I am not the greedy, money-grubbing, opportunist that I may seem to be; just one broke hermana with a hook and a vision: decorate the world the crochet applique way!

Hook On!


Kathy said...

How do I receive the pattern to crochet the spaceship and flying saucer appliques?

Kathy said...

How do I receive the crochet pattern for the spaceship and flying saucer.

Cecinatrix said...

Hello Kathy

Oops. Thanks for pointing out that little blunder.

Pattern is available as a pdf download at Ravelry for $2:

Do you have an account there? It's a great site - plenty of access to inexpensive and free patterns alike. Setting up an account is free and easy:

Thanks again for the interest in the space ships and for taking the time to leave a comment.


2 B Photography said...

I love your stuff! Can I use it on items I sell? Thanks so much!

2 B Photography said...

Well, I don't see my post so I will try again(My comp crashed). Can we use things made from your patterns on items we sell? Thank you!

Cecinatrix said...

Hi there 2B

Don't worry about the comment taking so long to show - I have the "hold-for-review" option enabled on my blog and I just now gained checked my email.

Thanks for letting me know you like my patterns. I really appreciate you asking if its okay to use them on objects for sale. You would be surprised how many people use my work without the courtesy of even notifying me.

As long as you bought the pattern from me, take care to credit the design as my work and not your own, I'm okay with your use of my patterns if the items for sale don't alter the light-hearted nature of the appliques.

Mostly out of curiosity, what are the items in question? I always love to see the different approaches people use to incorporate my appliques.

Good luck.

2 B Photography said...

I make photo props and gifts for babies. So I would use it on hats for little boys, gloves, scarves, blankets, or even bunting for a photo shoot. I'd love to try a take off your rocket ship for a hat! I also make hats for my local NICU for the holidays. Wouldn't a little preemie boy look cute as a rocket ship for his first halloween? We live by the National Air Force Museum and my son does enjoy seeing the rockets. That was actually the book we got at the gift shop his first visit. I think this would decorate his winter wear well!! I will post pictures for you when I get them done!( May be a while- I have 2 yr old twins:}) My daughter would love your kitty on her hat and scarf! Can I also use the free patterns as long as I credit you? I also like the St paddy's heart. I'll have to get a move on to get my 30 hats done for the NICU for St paddy's day)Thanks so much!

Cecinatrix said...

Wow. Sounds great. I love the ideas you have. I'd be happy if you use my free patterns - credited of course ;)

Can't wait to see the results. Feel free to email me any photos or questions.