Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fiber Postcard Book

Many, many moons ago (but not quite a millennium ago) a challenge was presented in the pages of Quilting Arts magazine to make a book of fiber postcards.

Oooooo. You don't know how much fun that sounds to someone who loves to crochet little vignettes. Then again, maybe you do. One shouldn't assume. ;-)

I started on the project and between fits of giggling with glee I started increasing the level of detail in the cards to the point that I managed to zoom past the deadline date without really noticing. After that, enthusiasm waned a tad, but I kept at it - honestly I did.

For a while anyway. :-}

Things came up, hurricanes came down, and finishing the postcard book came across as perpetual back burner material.

Until now!


"Postcards from Home"

Even went insane and decorated the spine...festively.

Fluorescent orange dingle balls. ahhhh.

I'm not your sugar skull wearing, chalupa-image jewelry creating type gal, but I love that kind of stuff. Especially the chandelier drops. You know, the kinds of things that a self respecting Tex-Mex maiden and modern Latina is told she should be embarrassed to admit she has draped on her festive inner child. My response to that simply has to be, "My head, you get out of it!"

So a mere 3 years later, my fiber postcard book is done.

Now to other pursuits. Maybe some of these postcards will be revisited as prints and/or larger stand alone works. The possibilities. Squeal. A dignified squeal, but a squeal nonetheless.

Answering a challenge is always a good source of inspiration as well as a fantastic chance to grow as an artist. Even if deadlines still elude you (ahem), challenges are no pressure, no risk and always fun.

And that's why a stubborn, stead-fast crochet maven that owns the dustiest sewing machine in creation subscribes to a quilting magazine.

Expand the borders, explode the possibilities!

Hook on!


Unique2wh0 said...

Amazing!! So glad I found your site :)

Anonymous said...

this is by far one of the best Crochet Art books I've found. I love your style. :)

Cecinatrix said...

Thank you. I do love me the books. Never have understood why I don't make more. Maybe I love the sofa too much? ;-)