Monday, May 11, 2009

Interconnected Leaves

The International Fiber Collaborative are my kind of fiber folk - they promote fiber art, encourage amateur and professional alike to co-mingle as equals, care about the world and people in general and they "tag" responsibly having gained permission to make the big statements.

Their first project culled volunteers from everywhere to make a fiber cozy for an abandoned gas station. Love that. Totally missed that it was happening but love it all the same.

Their current project is a giant tree exploring human interconnection where the individual leaves are made by... well... individuals. A community of individuals. How great is that?!

The call for volunteers asked for a leaf shape made in some form of fiber and just about any technique as long as it is 5x7" in size. Leaves are always a fun motif to explore and since I am working hard to make my own stubborn statement in this world by only producing crocheted art, my leaf is a lacy, open-work crochet kind of thing.

Here is my leaf for the tree project in green thread featuring stick figure people holding hands as the leaf veins. I blocked the living daylights out of it with undiluted fabric stiffener straight from the bottle.

I even got a little carried away decorating the mailer:

Hmm. Would have looked brighter on a white envelope in a room with sunlight. ;-) Probably should invest in some white mailers since this isn't the first time I've doodled on a package.

Anyway, to see my humble little leaf posted at the website (always a treat for me -maybe less so for other people?) just click on over. I'm seven down in gallery 11.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you check out the other galleries of leaves. Incredible work on display.

The assembly photos are mind-blowing. So many volunteers and craftspeople working so hard together.

Good causes and public messages make me happy. (hum to the tune of John Denver)

Hook on!

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Unique2wh0 said...

That is awesome!! Are you selling the pattern? I think it would be so nice framed :)