Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Silly Attack!

Ever just feel silly, all sudden like?

I love a good pun. Hmm. Oxymoron? Maybe just moron? HA! ;-)

There's just nothing like a loud throaty groan and head tilting eye roll to make my day sing:

Granny Square

HA! Put an Edna Krabapple-style snark on that expletive, if you would.

Interestingly enough (to me anyway), I've never made a real granny square before - never felt that Hippie/Granny/Retro-chic/nostalgic. Although pastel colors aren't usually featured in my work, they felt granny-appropriate. However, it just wasn't complete until I acknowledged the pleas from my little subversive heart and added the black spiky "border". In fairness, the pastels look a lot nicer with biological lenses - kind of Easter chocolate candy coating -esque.


Gotta go!

Hook On and stuff


Unique2wh0 said...

LOL~ I love it!!!

Cecinatrix said...

Thanks. Really, really fun to make.