Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunglasses Cozy

OK. Sometimes my mind functions within its own little pocket universe. And since I was taught never to write a statement without adding a supporting example, I made this the other day:

Sunglasses Cozy

I call it a cozy, but in reality the sunglasses are completely entombed in rainbow variegated cotton crochet thread.



I guess the sunglasses are indeed nice and cozy in their thready wrappings but a true cozy should be removable. This is more like vandalism. Still, or maybe because of the naughty factor, it was fun.

Ah. But why?

Let's magic genie our way to the beginning.

I saw these wooden eyeglass frames from advertised in a magazine. (Warning: the site is very image heavy - absolute bugger to wait for full download if you are the impatient kind - like me)

in lieu of permission:

and I went nuts. I love this. Unusual and slightly odd - what's not to like?

Well now that I'm an old broad and the vision correction is mandatory I checked out the site. I don't know if it was the price, the relative inflexibility of the material or something I imagined I whiffed in the tone of the accompanying text but something turned me off to getting myself a pair. I wouldn't have thought twice about expense or sturdiness, even though I am notorious for breaking eyeglass frames, if I were a wood worker. How cool would it be to wear a symbol of your art on your face? Then it hit me - how freaking beyond cool would it be to have crocheted frames?

Big idea I was in love with - one trouble: couldn't figure out how to make it work. I had a pair of old sunglasses lying around in my pack rat larder-of-hoarding. They were broken, natch, missing only a tiny screw and therefore imminently repairable but the metal frame was damaged in the screw losing incident and the fit had become wonky. So I crammed a broken sewing needle (don't ask) into the joint, snipped it flush and used them to practice decoratively crocheting eyeglass frames.

I never did figure out how to address the need to see through the lenses but I did find serious amusement in the idea of just encasing the whole thing in a form-fitted thread cocoon. Now I have this nice little object d'art that makes me grin every time I look at it. Unfortunately, my cats absolutely lust after them. I am currently hatching ideas on how to display the glasses while protecting them from amorous advances of the feline persuasion.

See? My mind. Not this universe. ;-)

Hook On!

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