Monday, February 22, 2010

Show Business

- like no business I know.

Only now, I do!

Had 2 pieces juried into the Metaphoric Fibers exhibit at the Textile Center in Minneapolis.

The Show:

Promo Post Card

The pieces:

"Life Blood" and "Depression"

The artists:

That's me at the big blue arrow.

I have no idea if it is okay to post my photos of these pieces before the show, but I am too excited to hold off any longer.

I received notice of acceptance back in October and have kept it to myself for irrational reasons based on proven scientific superstition: "Don't talk about it or it might go poof on you."

Well, the pieces are at the gallery and I'm more happy than paranoid just now so I thought I'd share.

Although I can't make it to Minnesota for the show, I want to spread the word.

Come one, come all.

And if you would be so kind, I'd love to hear all about it.

Hook On


MarieAnge said...


I love the pieces you submitted for the show. Hope lots and lots of people go to see it :)
Wish I lived near enough to go.


Cecinatrix said...

Thanks Angel.

If I could I'd be there with my special t-shirt: "I'm in this show!"

Probably too much, huh? :-D