Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Pattern Translation

Sigh. Someday I will get the hang of writing out these patterns so that normal folk can understand them. But for now...

Sitting Cat

Amended version with expanded and clarified instructions - now available as free pdf download at my Ravelry pattern store.

This replaces the pattern posted previously on this blog. I keep forgetting that I have patterns floating around out there that are still in my shorthand/lazy-butt instruction form. I find it easier to use the shorthand while I'm trying to document a pattern. I was so excited to get the patterns posted in the early days that I sometimes forgot to translate from Cecinatrix-ese into something intelligible.

My bad.

My sincere apologies.

Hmm I guess I better go through the older patterns and bring them up to snuff. Cool. Now I have something to do today. Wheeeeeeee.


Hook On!

the great big C

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