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Journey's End- final day of the Knit and Crochet Blog Week. Lots of talking. Interesting fun.

Day 7 - What a Yarn

"There’s one love that we all share: yarn. Blog about a particular yarn you have used in the past or own in your stash, or perhaps one that you covet from afar."

I have thread. Lots of thread. It's what I do. I've just never really gotten into the yarn too much. I mean, I love the soft and fuzzy, it's just I don't like the idea of bothering baby animals for it and then paying through the nose to get it to my door. I do believe that the price is fair and justified when considering the care and feeding of the donor sources and the costs of harvesting, processing, packaging, marketing and etc incurred by these products. But I'm cheap at heart and also a genetically sweaty woman to whom the idea of donning a garment actually called a "sweater" seems to be flouting the vindictiveness of fate.

But I do love the unusual and am currently borderline obsessed with certain fibers: Bamboo, Sari Silk, Banana Leaf and Nettle.

I haven't bought any bamboo yet because I'm saving up for the wildly fantastic 100% stuff from South West Trading Company by way of Yarn Market:


That's the color that keeps me interested. There are several other colors I like in that line, but this is the one that keeps smacking me upside the head and saying, "Over here, stupid."

I like to say that it is the price that keeps me from saving my pennies with any efficiency for this purchase, but I have to admit that there is also a lot of "it's too popular" going on. If I'm gonna spend Serious Bucks on something (and believe me when I say that $16 bucks a hank is SERIOUS Moolah to yours truly), it is going to be something I think is cool and that flies under the general radar. So last year, I figured recycled Sari Silk yarn wasn't too popular yet and bought a hank from The Wool Peddler:

Kathmandu Sari Silk

Gorgeous isn't it? Shiny and colorful and exotic. Uhm, well the one I received was more like a lovely vomit color partially obscured by a haze of hairiness that felt a bit like thick sandpaper when crocheted on my J hook. Ultimately used it for the heel and ankle of some franken-socks I made for avoiding impaling my tender diabetic feet on hidden caches of power-shed kitty claws. To be fair, my ankles are always cold and my rough dry crone's heels tear through yarn like wet tissue but the sari yarn is warm and tough enough to solve these little problems. Now if my feet weren't so ginormous that I could get a whole sock out of 1 hank it would be worth getting more for this purpose. But as it stands, it would take about 4 hanks and I will not pay $64 dollars for a pair of house socks - not even if they came with a naked man to don them lovingly on my feet each morning. Well... No! Not even.

But I was so happy to find Wool Peddler because they also carry some oh so imagination- capturing fibers: Banana Leaf and Nettle.

Pretty weird and odd and funky - what's not to like? According to the web site promotional blurbettes they have a lot of good karma associated with them too:

Made from fibers reclaimed from the clothing industry and spun by hand by women in India.

Banana Silk Yarn

Chemical and pesticide free, made from wild plants in Nepal:


They also sell hemp yarn but which is too eco-trendy a fiber for my taste right now and besides, nettles remind me of a favorite fairy tale - The Goose Girl.

I am making something from this combination, but it is incomplete and incredibly heavy. I'll post a pic later.

... like now
Banana Nettle Swirl
CAL 5-6-10

I'm thinking of taking it apart and making something smaller. I love the interplay of these 2 fibers. The thick-thin, broken in several places but totally worth it Banana and the super thin, scratchy nature-in-a-roll quality of the Nettle.

So that's what I'm jones-ing on right now yarn wise. That and the discontinued Berroco tape yarn discussed ad nauseum a few days ago.

MMMM. It is good to have plans.

Hook On!

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