Thursday, April 29, 2010


Day 4 - A New Skill

"Is there a skill related to your hobby that you hope to learn one day?"

Sure. I love information and ideas. Perhaps to the exclusion of taking any action. I tend to have plans... for a long time. But, suddenly one day I will dive in and go to town on the plan. Some projects take years to complete, but I'm always happy with them when they eventually see the light of day.

Maybe it's the fate of a depressive to be in constant need of mental stimulation. It certainly is for this one. I get my synaptical jump-start by making the aforementioned plans. And by collecting ideas - but that's a separate tirade best left for another day.

Lately I've been planning to try my hand at both Broomstick and Hairpin crochet.

Broomstick because one of the fondest flashbacks into my Mesozoic youth are those of my Mother and her peeps running around with actual broomsticks that had been sawed off and honed to a wide blunt point. Now that I'm significantly older, I fondly respect the whole intrepid, diy, homemade aesthetic of those original tools and am seriously loving the delicate loopy ethereal quality of the fabric made from this technique.

Hairpin because I bought some wicked cool yarn from WEBS that I love the color and texture and, oh, just the whole freaking megillah:

Berroco - Boho - Torero

Berroco - Boho Colors - Sangria

...and true to form for me, they are now both discontinued lines. But, I have a couple of balls of some some of the more awesome colorways squirreled away and, since I hate the way standard crochet squishes the living crap out of this beautiful and funky, multi fiber variegated self-striping tape yarn, web-research points to hairpin as the technique to do these beauties serious justice.

I have made progress on these plans beyond the yarns and the dreams. I've actually gone so far as to purchase the necessary tools:

big mama, size 35 knitting needles
in photo

and a standard, if rather plain looking, hairpin loom

The funny thing about the tool (called a "pin" - I know, wtf?) specifically designed to supplant the classic broomstick is that they are ugly with a capital B and F.

Institutional/Correction Facility Grey

Plumbing-esque PVC

Not having access to the wood working tools needed to hew a dollar store broom handle down to size, I opted for the wooden knitting needles. I hate the idea of letting one go to "waste"/being unloved, but the pair are made of so very beautiful rosewood and were in such a freaking colossal half price sale that I had to jump on 'em. Maybe I'll offer one up to my growing obsession with entombing things in crocheted thread.

Anyway, someday - not now, maybe soon, but definitely in the indeterminate future, I'll be tackling such projects as:

Hourglass Jacket

Hairpin Lace Neck Scarf
also StitchDiva

Good God, I LOVE Stitch Diva! ... in case you hadn't noticed. :-)

Where else would I be able to find something as cool as a funky wonderful pattern bearing my name:

Cecilia Vest and Chemise
StitchDiva of course

Splendiferous pattern that has nothing whatsoever to do with me, of course, but do you know how hard it is to find anything with "Cecilia" on it? Just makes me happy that something so cool bears the same name.

Unfortunately I've never been young or cool or hip or thin enough in my entire existence to be able to wear anything as delicate and wonderful as these Stitch Diva creations. But that doesn't mean I can't entertain myself trying. The best way for me to learn is trial by fire. First time out may as well be on something masterfully designed because it may just be the only thing I ever make if it turns out that these particular techniques aren't my cup of iced mocha frappucino venti deluxe... with cinnamon dusting.


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