Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Show Business

...and one I can actually go to. My crocheted book "On the Fence About the Fence" was accepted into the exhibit: Texas, A Blending of Cultures.

The exhibit is through the Texas Museum of Fiber Arts and will be held at the Mexican American Cultural Center both in Austin, Texas. Just a coupla hours up the road from here.

I might have to crochet myself that top that says "I'm in this show".

Maybe a top would be a little too much eccentric for a public appearance. Good luck getting a butterfly net over all this pals!

OK, there is a tiny yet lingering suggestion of a vaguely insulted feeling that my other book "Postcards from Home" didn't get in, but then, who am I trying to kid? "Postcards" is fun and pretty to look at but doesn't have anything to say. I didn't even put the names of the places I was paying tribute too on the cards. Something to consider adding if I ever want someone besides myself to understand them.

Enough of that. I'm going to leave the greedy negative vibes at the door and enjoy the getting in now.

Hook On!

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