Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Day 2 - An Inspirational Pattern

"Blog about a pattern or project which you aspire to."

I work with crochet thread almost exclusively. The aesthetic of the medium wherein a thin straight line is transformed into a graphic image greatly appeals to me. So if I find a pattern I like and want to try, I usually adapt it for thread work. Nothing fancy, often just use thread and my regular steel hook instead of the intended tools and dive in.

Admittedly, this is an approach that requires a lot of blind faith and reckless abandon. Not necessarily a problem for me though. I'm a little odd in that I do not mind ripping a project back to the slip knot repeatedly as long as I can eventually get it to work. Trouble is that a huge majority of the patterns out there are for clothing. And that involves covering a lot of land before realizing you need to realign the tiller.

So a nice, short scarf seems appropriate for my limited and fractured attention span. Of course, being me, the only scarf I had a yen to own and therefore tackle was the Dr. Who scarf.

4th Dr.Who - Tom Baker
lifted from www.drwhoscarf.com

Simpsons version - just because
lifted from the wiki page

The scarf? About 11 inches wide and 15 feet long. Yeah, that says feet. Nice quick project in worsted weight yarn, eh?

See now, the original was also knitted and I don't knit. Too many tools and, more importantly, my somewhat addictive personality would probably make me go all crazy for the medium and wind up giving the crochet monkey on my back a nice playmate.

Do you have any idea how much product it would take to make an 11 inch by 15 foot scarf in crochet thread?

Neither do I, because even I'm not crazy enough to tackle that endeavor. I took the text instructions, switched garter stitch to half double crochet (greater flexibility than single crochet and more body than double crochet), swapped size 10 crochet thread for worsted, cut the stitch number per row by a third,lost the 5 inch tassels and picked up my trusty 1.25mm steel hook.

Mini scarf tucked into TARDIS model

It was still much bigger a project than I could stand in one go. After a week or two I but it on the back-burner for, oh, 8 - 9 months, maybe a year. Only to pick it up again and power through, finishing it in another couple of weeks.

Dr. Who Scarflet

Still and all, I like the way it turned out. What are the finished dimensions you may ask? Uhm. Don't know. Whenever I finish a project that takes forever and a day I just play with the finished item some, take a few pictures and never consider any technical aspects about it ever again.

All Coiled Up

In the interest of playing fair, I will dig it out, measure it and post that critical info... retroactively... later.

Well, well - it's later. Who knew? So... 1-1/2" by 59" (3.81 by 149.86 cm) - CAL 5-1-10

Right now, I'm just happy that it was fun enough to keep me both interested and committed enough to see things through - even if the journey required a huge rest stop right smack dab in the middle of everything. After all, the journey may be half the fun, but being rested makes it possible for the battle to be won.

Hook On!

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