Friday, April 30, 2010


Episode 5 - A New Dawn

Oh, Wait! - wrong franchise.

Day 5 -Location, Location, Location

"Where do you like to indulge in your craft?"

Oh, I have a favorite arm chair tucked into a corner of the living room. I will spare you the sight and it the humiliation of a photo because the poor thing is in a very sorry state. Due in no small part to the territorial shenanigans of the biological weapons of mass destruction known as my annoyingly evil but ultimately unflushable pair of devil-cats: Grendel and Beowulff.

But we'we so cute and adowable.

DO NOT fall for that!

Oh, okay in the interested of honesty and fair play, the responsibility for the state of that poor chair is in large part due to my large parts - specifically the large vaguely human buttocks and all that accompanies it.

So how about we take a look at my trusty worktable instead:

****ING Blogger won't upload the photo! I'll try later.

My Worktable

Some highlights:

1 - Giant Ass Glass Ruby - my birthstone. Preeeeeetty... and a welcome reminder of happy things - my birthday being on the same day as my father's. My brother's birthday 5 days after mine so that for 5 whole days we are the same age. Mwahahahaha! My mother being the only oddball - April in a sea of July - even their wedding anniversary was in July! Good things all.

Also - a lesson in patience. First saw the diamond version of this paperweight a couple of years ago and I loved it, but I really wanted a red one for the reasons listed above. Did find red ones on eBay for $25 freaking dollars with $7-8 shipping. Uh, No. Seven, eight months go by and - Boo-yah! - Michael's for 5 bucks, baby! I don't have the patience for bargain hunting but, oh, I do love it when it happens "on accident".

2 - Plastic boxes almost perfectly sized to hold my balls of thread. Almost. Let's just say that the outer dimensions of these boxes are freaking perfect!

Also - Bunny in a balloon wine glass aka. the ultimate in sophistication.

3 - I likes my critters. They keep me company and are lovely reminders that I do still have family - gifts from my beloved brother for such auspicious occasions as birthdays, Christmas, Halloween - all the biggies.

This particular huggy bear guards the top of the glass Barbicide jar in which I store my crochet hooks. Barbicide - not just for nixing nits.

4 - Pinky & the Brain giganto mug for corralling pens and junk. The weird orange and yellow tube next to the 4-color and Viagra pens (don't ask - I'm on some insulting as shit mailing list) is my 8-color Pentel Mechanical pencil! I love that thing. Now I don't have to have my colored pencils sitting right next to me when I want to make a color sketch. No room for them here anyway. In fact I need to weed some more of these tchotchkes and relegate them to the Ceci-cave.

5 - Take your pick:

Pink plastic fountain pen. A Lamy that was on sale - hence the hot-pinkness. I'm more your electric blue kind of gal. In a glass Erlenmeyer type flask on a box of incredible burgundy colored ink. Like arterial blood. Gorgeous. Gotta use up the cheapo came-with ink first. Bummer, but at least not wasteful.

Martini glass for catching scraps of usable size. A little overflowing. MY worktable - leave me alone.

Soda stained ceramic coaster with slogan to live by - "I Crochet so I Won't Kill People." Christmas gift. Hmm. Eh - compliment!

6 - Old broad care package - Nivea face/ hand cream plus glasses. The rest of the drug store is in a box on the floor behind the chair, hidden from sight - no need to frighten the occasional visitor.

7 - I be from TEXAS! Yay-my-hoo!

So if the location is the thing then the clutter is the way. Seriously, you wouldn't know it to look at this photo, but I don't like clutter. I like convenience. When the crap to handy ratio goes south, then I pare. But only so far as to hit the bedroom/cat cave.

And there will be no photos of that DMZ.

Hook On!

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