Monday, February 7, 2011

Cats Out the Wazoo!

Or so it seems.

Being apparently somewhat masochistic in nature, I committed to making a cat-pplique a day for the month of February. To remain accountable, I am doing this under the framework of the Thing-A-Day 2011 challenge website: only during February, only once a year (well... yeah) and only to combat the individual's own commitment issues. Perfect place to give it a go. No rules, no pressure, not even any punitive measures for the slackers at heart (uh huh, me too).

It's been a week now. So far so good. Photos aren't always getting posted before midnight of the actual day, but at least the critters are getting done.

Here's week one as a group:

A through G

They are taking longer and longer to make. I may need to pare down the details and go for the least that suggests the most. Huh? Even I don't fully understand that.

Well, I guess that blithering means that it's time for bed. Another couple of hours hovering in the twilight of sleep running through the alphabet in my mind looking for the next cat to grow from my hook.

Hook On!


Unique2wh0 said...

Good for you sounds like quite a challenge..(for me at least)LOL I love your cats so far!

Cecinatrix said...

Thanks Unique2wh0
Challenge is the word for it. Yikes. It's been fun so far. A lot of work (for me) but at least fun.

Thanx again