Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 17 - Q is for Quetzal Bird as Cat

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]Q is for Quetzal Bird Cat

Trouble with camera, auto-focus, battery pack, photoshop, ... name it and you have the idea.

Aw Heck and Dagnabit! Add Blogspot and Posterous to the list of inanimate things that hate me today.

Here's the photo for Day 17 again, in all its blurry glory, just in case the autopost thing doesn't actually auto-correct itself and make it past the solar flare.

Q is for Quetzal Bird as Cat

So what is a Quetzal bird?

Brilliant green, red and white plumage:

Quetzal Bird
image from

Kicky little buzz cut:

Quetzal Bird Close-up
image from

One of my most favorite things lurking in the jungles of Central America.

Hook On!

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