Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ghosts of Xmas Past yet Recent

My nod to Christmas gifting runs toward the crafty in nature. Specifically, I crochet Christmas flavored appliques with a Texas theme to send in handmade cards to my friends, family and a few co-conspirators in craft I've met along the way.

This year's applique:
Gingerbread Cowboy

and handmade card:

Gbread Greetings Card

A fairly large undertaking this year.

The gang.

The look I was going for was a "Howdy, Ma'am. Have yourself a merry little Christmas there." Some of the boys are just a little too smirky to pull that off. Alas. Consistency is over-rated and I stand by that even if every employer that I have ever had has seen it a bit differently and argued it vociferously just prior to our carefully orchestrated parting of ways.

True to form, I was pretty late completing and mailing these cards. Mostly due to the constant distraction from a couple of other Xmas projects that kept tapping on my parlor door:

Christmas Bulb Garland


Merry Dalekmas

Little things done to amuse myself but which were all true labors of love.

Thought I'd share.

Hook On!

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