Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making friends.

Hooky looked a little lonely (if maniacal).

In an attempt to remember how I made him, I made him a little friend...

Hooky and company

(Fun lighting effects, huh? Maybe Hooky ain't the only maniac in the room. Hmmmm.)

Lil' Hooky with a hook

...and I forgot to take notes. Poo and crap!

Since the original concept behind a soft crochet hook was for a bolster style pillow, I made the small green hook as an excuse to explore my options while still fully intending to take notes:

Pillow Crochet Hook

... and ... you guessed it! Forgot. Again. sigh

This razor sharp memory of mine is, above all else, the reason why when prototyping/"doing one to take notes", I always work small. Soooo much easier to make a new version. We'll just wait and see how the next attempt goes before I fully admit to junior grade senility.

In the meantime, here's a photo that offers a sense of both scale and the extent to which my cat Grendel can be an annoying little interloper:

Scale Puss

Once more into the design breach...

Hook On!

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