Saturday, March 5, 2011


Sometimes, late at night, I like to think that my cats are worth spoiling a little. Delusional, I know. But it happens. It was Christmas and I got it into my head that nice new kitty dishes would fit the spoiling-their-fuzzy-orange-asses bill quite nicely. Something sturdy to counteract their... catness yet something funny and/or cute enough to keep me from hurling it at them in a fit of ire. While doing research online (ie goofing around on Google Images), I stumbled across this image from Cafe Press:

and nearly shorted out my computer with the fully carbonated soda that blew out my nose and all over my keyboard. Nasal spit-take aside, I couldn't stop laughing ... until I saw this:

and fell in love! Now, unfortunately for these vendors but fortunately for my meager and thread bare coin purse, the wild-hair impulse to pamper my kitties is often a ROM event that does not extend much beyond collecting downloaded photos in my "impossibly cute file". So the moment did pass.

But the image kept popping into my head and making me smile. A bit more research at Cafe Press and I found more from the same designer - Evil Genius Tees - including:

Oh, Come On! How is this NOT cute!?

Okay. So I have no spawn of my own or any nearby and I'm still BBCB (broke beyond credible belief) but this is just too good to leave alone.

...and you know what, I make cat-pliques for grandiose fun and minuscule to nonexistent profit so why don't I just take a stab at the Cthulhu as cat in my own style:


Me am so happy.

Tee hee.

Although I used "kittyth" instead of "cath" or "cth" apologies are still owing. Sincerest apologies for "taking inspiration" without permission and deepest thanks to Evil Genius Tees for the cat and Lovecraft for the Cthulhu.

Hook On!

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