Thursday, March 17, 2011


Remember me?

This is the cat from the Nat'l Crochet Month post - sans pins. She is also both felid companion and caudate counterpart to my avatar alias Cecinatrix.

the minion and me

I've been trying to decide what to name her. Not that it matters. You know. Cat. Not into the whole "beck and call" thing.

So anyway. I thought riffing off Cecinatrix would be appropriate:





No, not quite ...

Trouble is that I love words but am a tad on the... uh... "quirky" side by nature and often use my beloved woids completely inappropriately. Sometimes for the pun, but most often because "that's what I thought it was". Cecinatrix on the other hand is a phonetic choice.

Here's where I'm so clever I even startle and amaze myself. Take my proper nickname Ceci and add on a dominatrix and we get Cecinatrix. This name was made up on the fly as a joke at the end of an email to a friend that appreciated a good S&M pun. (Do not ask). It was pretty deeply fused with my psyche when it came time to choose a nom-de-internet. So ... ta-da. Uhm, yeah.

See, logically (ooo, cleverness that leads me directly astray) it should be Cecitrix where "Ceci" replaces the "domina". But that isn't what drifted down upon me from the ether. It was years before I realized that the "na" was completely unnecessary, merely a vestigial echo resulting from poor pun construction and editing. But as embarrassed as I am at my grammatical incontinence, I find that I do prefer the "na" version. Cecitrix is too much "brightly colored sugar clumps as kid's breakfast cereal" if you know what I mean, silly Rabbit. Besides, life is a constant quest to be unique and special if only in a socially acceptable and subdued manner.

...and the cat?

Yeah yeah yeah. I'm getting there. So, indeed, what about the cat:





or, simply the properly semantically conjugated


I hate thinking too much. Too late for gut instinct. I've pontificated this to death. Or am about to....

Kittynatrix matches. Kittytrix is cute.
Kitty=Cat. Rabbit=Trix.

Kittynatrix. Kittytrix. Kittynatrix. Kittytrix. Kittynatrix.

Ow. My head.


Kittytrix it is.

Gotta go before I start thinking again.

Hook On!

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