Sunday, March 13, 2011

National Crochet Month 2011

Posting stuff doesn't seem very important in light of the horrors the Earth has wroth unto Japan, New Zealand, Australia... the list has grown too long. It just seems callous to continue on with the frivolities of life, but that is what existence demands. So, holding the lost and suffering in my thoughts, the plight of the those left behind in my heart and hopes and prayers for all in my soul I'll continue on with my days, presenting my impractical work and its silly joy in tribute to the fragility of life and its tenacious persistence into the future.

So to that end, I return to being me:

Cecinatrix-Cat makes her debut

In the blocking phase, but the best picture I could take.


Is that disbelief I hear?

Proof of Photo Ability Suckage

"Well, what about using your beloved Photoshop?" You may ask.

Version 1

Version 2

Take your pick. Each is the product of separate but equally prolonged sessions of selecting/deleting, erasing and just general fiddling around.

Well, it wouldn't be from me if it didn't:

1) take a ridiculous amount of time to complete

2) require a lot of tearing out and starting over

3) photographed terribly

and, lastly (yay!)

4) be something I can brag and whine about in the same breath

Eh. C'est yo.

Happy National Crochet Month 2011, ya'll

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