Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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Feb 6 - expensive


The only thing missing in "Lux" yarn from the BUFFALO WOOL COMPANY

Buffalo (45%)
 Silk (20%)
Cashmere (20%)
Tencel (15%)

Originally priced: $60/hank

Availability: Discontinued

Came in a few different shades of earthtone browns. The one in the photo is what I liked most.

May not look like much, but it is composed of some exotic fibers that are each pretty expensive in their own right.

Those fibers are also proported to be some of the softest stuff around.

I was always curious but couldn't move past the price. Don't get me wrong, it is without doubt justifiably appropriate to charge that much for this yarn. Rarity and scarcity and all.

But $60 is a third of our monthly grocery budget. As a diabetic, my health would be compromised by eating only twice a day. Couldn't bring myself to do that just to satisfy my curiosity.

Yes, that means I've never seen this yarn in person nor held it in my hands. But the description was so enticing I kept wondering.

Fortunately for me, Lux has been discontinued. Temptation thwarted.

Although, when looking up the exact specs on this yarn, I did run across a few Buffalo and silk combination yarns at a more affordable price.

Even saw an item called "Lux something or other" reduced from $60 to like around $37.  Still too steep for my sinuses, but also still intriguing nonetheless.

I should (and just eventually may) look up those latter yarns to document them properly. This may be a free unpaid blog but I'd like to live by some standards, eventually. And this is an issue for me.

 I detest when people write about something visual without including at least one photo. It's done a lot with revues of art shows. It drives me nuts.

If you're going to extoll the artistic merits of a piece of art, have the decency to include a photo so we can understand the work for ourselves.

Perhaps they consider that oversight a method of sparking interest. Teased   sufficiently to entice a person into visiting the museum or gallery and seeing for themselves.

One problem: These types of articles are almost invariably  published in nationally or even globally distributed periodicals.

 The odds are low that an interested individual subscriber has the luxury of time or the abundance of means by which to travel to a venue simply to sate a curiosity.

We're back to art being only for those that can afford it.

Or are fortunate enough to live near one of the very few venues that exhibit fiber art.


Huh? What was I talking about again?

Oh, yeah!

"Expensive" - in the eyes of the crochet beholder:

"Lux" yarn
Buffalo Wool Company
Buffalo, silk, cashmere and tencel
$60 / hank

Temptation Lost.

 ...if Blake were a crocheter.

Hook it.

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