Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#crochet365 Feb 18-22

Feb 22 - favorite hook - my size ten steel

Have a couple, use all the time, lose them a lot.

I like the way things look at that scale:

Feb 21 - spouse - yeah, right

Put guy here.

Feb 20 - Addicted - Cheese

Nothing to do with crochet. Just freaking love the stuff.


Feb 19 - Gauge - avoid it

I make a lot of appliques. Size doesn't matter. It's all about how big you want it. Uh. The applique. Yeah, the applique.

My pattern in thread  

Lilitupilli @Ravelry in yarn

Feb 18 - TBT - Ode to February


From the 2011 Thing A Day challenge. Catphabet + February + Year of Rabbit = 28

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