Wednesday, February 17, 2016

#crochet365 - Feb 8 - 17

Catch up, Feb 8 - 17

😲 #crochet365 Feb8-Notions - Hook Cush, Repetative movement w/a metal stick in your hand leaves an impression! Helps

😵 #crochet365 Feb9-JustfForMe - Everything I make is just for me! But recently, here's a hat I made & actually wear.

😶 #crochet365 Feb10-WIP-> 24"x24" background to piece for BrownvBoard Natl Historic Site art show. 5"done due Mar1

😮 #crochet365 Feb11-TBT- Fishing line for glass experiment. About inch,  inch & a half. Too inflexible.

💘 #crochet365 Feb12-dinner - ATC of which I was very proud. Still am even tho underwhelms others. Crude but fun.

💝 #crochet365 Feb13 - love- "Bailledor" For my grandfather,quite the dashing rouge. Experiment w/my style. Miss him.

💘 #crochet365 Feb14-valentine - down beat, beat down picto-poem

😶 #crochet365 Feb15 - cozy - Cat blanket, acrylic, a little scratchy, but warm and, well..cozy

😶 #crochet365 - Feb16 - worsted - Beautiful charcoal gray that I simply l love. Bulky wt acrylic but oddly pleasant hand.

😶 #crochet365 Feb17 - WIP - scarf or shawl, don't know yet.

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