Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Year of Crochet - Come Hell or Highwater

Soooo. 2016, the year to Participate.

One step in my plan for world domination is to develop as an artist.

Crochet something everyday.

Build a portfolio.


Just keep working until I become comfortable using that word in the same breath as my name.

 To this end, I'm participating (Ah. Ah. See what I did there?) in this #crochet365 Instagram challenge.

Don't yet have access to Instagram. (Silly me has a stupid Kindle Fire. Amazon no like Instagram.) That's another step.

But for right now, I can still do the challenge on Twitter.

The challenge offers fairly broad prompts to interpret freely. So I have been. Only one problem.

It's rather disturbing that the only things I have to photograph and post are from 2011 and before. Proof that I seriously need to step up my game. Or at least buy a ticket into the stadium.

So far:
Day 1 - anything - 2015/2016 Cats , old and  baby new year. 2011/2012 photo shopping.

Day 2 - silly yarn - Three yarn types from that Jillian fiber necklace project. 2011 I think.

Day 3 - pink - mustache & lady eyes with lip button on pink frame background as journal cover.

Day 4 - yarn in a box, size crochet cotton thread, scraps too long to discard.

Day 5 - designer - Joan Dull 2011, First artist whose work was like mine.

Day 6 - WIP - Thread Scrap Mandala

More to come.

Need to get used to exposure even though I hate feeling vulnerable.

Sigh deeply, keep head down, red line it through.

Hook on!

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