Sunday, January 10, 2016

Instagram/Twitter Photo Challenge -Day 9 -size matters


Day 9 - size matters

The idea of crocheted books starts bopping around inside my belfry periodically.

NOT crochet books. Not books about how to crochet. Not even books about crochet art and artist (if they exist).


I'm talking about books that have been crocheted. That are made of crochet.

I love books. More than I love reading them, even more than I love writing and making things up.

One of the things I absolutely love to make. So playing around yeeeears ago, I made an approximately one inch book.

Of course, to see if I could, but also to see how minimal I could go and still tell a story.

This is what I conjured:

(Not any kind of photographer and don't really get my Kindle's camera either. Afraid we must live with the blur.)

("Love" didn't fit.)

Pages, Sewn In

"?" - They Meet

"!" - They Fight

"heart" - They'll Fall in Love

"heart heart"  -  They Live
Happily Ever After

And so, size did matter.

Hook on!
The C

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