Tuesday, January 19, 2016

crochet365 - 2016 - Jan - Day 18

#crochet365 - 2016 - Jan - Day 18 - crochet challenges

These are from a challenge back in 2010. Theme was thing-a-day for the month of February. I decided on an animal alphabet motif. Like grade school banners.

I have cats. Have always had cats. I even make cats. Weird little crochet appliques of cats with, oh, let's call it "personality."

So it became a cat-alphabet, or as I was feeling rather punny at the time, a catphabet.

I'm too lazy to dig up, fix and post all 29 (Leap Year). And I couldn't seem to choose between them, so here are four chosen realitavely at random.


The Me

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