Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Meh Approach to Life, Liberty and the Pretense of Happiness

I 'm a talker.

I talk.

A lot.

I am a talker.

...on paper.

In person, I have to turn off some switches and push some buttons before I reach anything near my level of written verbosity.

The difference between a captive audience and one that can flee.

But, also the difference between purging my bellfry and performing for society.

Talking face to face is exhausting for me. Which is confoundingly odd in that my people performances are light, airy, gently teasing, and generally completely meaningless. What is there in that to drain personal energy, right? Everything.

On the other hand, writing in vague obscurity is freedom. All holds barred. Seat belts and nodoz required.

Which makes for painfully long, scattershot blog entries. (And emails, believe me.)

I have made conscious efforts in the past to knock that the hell off. But I'm old now. Don't have the stamina or patience to self edit anymore. It's time to just be me.

Great thing about blogging:  you don't like, you don't have to stay.

So stick around or don't. I'll be here.


Hook on.
The Cx

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