Friday, January 8, 2016

Run-at-the-mouthitis and Maintaining a Public Presence

Just read an article about one page websites.* The author presents a solid exploration of the usefulness of this type of site. Particular focus is given to the "established" arts.

That is simply politically neutral sounding snootiness meant to exclude the art genres the art world refuses to recognize as legitimate and meaningful.

Nature abhors a vacuum and my nature despises elitism and its inherently active exclusionary practices. Damn snot-buckets.

All that bile aside, I've been trying to figure out the value such a website has for a visual artist, particularly fiber arts.

Specifically, is one long page a useful format for a certain fledgling neophyte fiber artist with an eccentric, uh, eclectic, view of humanity and the universe?

Don't that sound grand! Snooty high faluting words there, Missy.

Words that I love to play with, to over exaggerate and to explode fantastically into a twinkling display of talky fireworks... for example.

It's fairly safe to say then that one long scroll of information isn't ideally suited to my style. Fairly ironic, that, actually. Considering that my alledged style is one long winded meandering scroll of thought.

I've encountered a few links (including to this blog) that once tapped drop you into what can only be called the surrounding neighborhood of what you clicked to see. That is beyond annoying to me.

Madly scrolling through entry after unrelated entry is a huge waste of time. Simply, an unecceasary challenge to my attention span and psychoreactive medications.

So I wouldn't even enjoy trying to read something in this format much less presenting my meandering thougths this way publicly.

I finally recognized in myself the complete lack of restraint that accompanies my curiosity. I have to admit, there is no way on God's Green Earth that I will ever use fewer words. And I'm totally okay with that,  now.

I have to believe that seperate web pages devoted to separate ideas is essential in establishing and maintaining a viable web site for me.

Despite the information gleaned from that article. I just don't see how it can be of use to blogs for artists that wish to document their process and progress.

Maybe as a kitschy, personal blog. Like for a traveler who wants to write impression of a region as they sit jostled by close to ancient rail line.

Just not me

The C

*Knowing the value of noting source material, this is the link to the article responsible for this midi tome of a blog post:

One Page Website.

I hesitated to include it in the body of the text because it comes from a marketing companies website. I am not edorsing or even recommeding  this site. I only wanted to cite (ha) the freebie article info source. Still debating whether to make use of their service for myself. Therefore the presence of  this disclaimer-ish addendum.

The C

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