Sunday, January 24, 2016

More catch up.

Feel like poo. No, amend that; I wish I felt as good as poo.

Just general malaise - down, dizzy, weak, ache in pit of stomach, warm, frustrated.



#crochet365 - 2016

Day - 19 - Where I create

Phoned it in. Too embarrassed of how my place looks, So took photos of the view from the couch I never seem to leave:

Day - 20 - WIP

Even more embarrassing is that I'm barely doing anything. Had such high hopes for getting my ass back in gear. Can't move forward without addressing the problem. So my WIP for 1/20  - me.

Day - 21 - TBT

Running out of things I've done. Uh Oh.

Eye glasses cozy:

Day - 22 - chunky

Aw, man! Don't work with yarn much less chunky. Have that scarf and blanket, I guess. But I'm not ready to share those yet.

The snake baskets turned out to have a little bulk. Gonna have to do:

Day - 23 - yellow

Love the color. Don't use it much. What's up wit dat? Probably too sunny and happy. I'm less in that mood than I am in "little black raincloud" mode.

Do occasionally:

Rubber Ducky Applique:

Day - 24 - crochet inspiration

Brings us to today. Can't think straight when I feel blaaah. Maybe photo, sketch, finished product?

Saving it for longer post. Guess I can still do the longer version later. Save sketch for then.

So these two characters:

played by these two guys:

inspired this crochet piece:

Crochet inspiration - game, set, match

...until tomorrow.

Hook on,

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