Monday, January 11, 2016

Cathcy Uppy on the 365 Thingy.

Catching up. Had some sort of ACF yesterday. Ran out of day before getting to play.

#crochet365 - Day 10 - blue

Went with a classic. Blue Kitty Face Necklace. From back when I thought jewelry was a great idea.

I had a surprisingly limited number of blue items in my cave of blunders considering that it's my favorite color.

But each one I found was kinda neat :

 Amulet Bag Necklace
Messenger Bag Style

Empty Bowls
 "Let Them Eat Soup"

Small Black Heart
Of Malintent

It's not often that I examine things that I've made in retrospect, much less actualy like the way they turned out. But I like these.

And that's even despite the fact that I've had a hard day, upstairs. That's usually when I most hate everything I've done, been, am. 

Nothing to see here, folks. Keep moving. Just a light, lingering malaise. Upbeat. Must be upbeat. Or I don't get my lovely, lovely drugs.

Day - 11 - on the go

Wanted to see if I could replicate the crochet cable designs for yarn with my steels and threads. To see what they would look like.

And of course I reached for a dark, dark green that muffled much of the stitch definition. 

Eh. That's OK. It's why photo programs let you mess with the contrast.

These were the first cables I ever made. Having been able to make them look this tight and straight since. 

No big surprise. Anything I can figure out in the first go, I can never seem to repeat. Must be tied in to my "figured it out, bored now" psyche.

So I was into business cards at the time. (Back when I still thought I could focus enough to start a business heehee.) I like playing grown up with them. Guess I always have preferred the trappings to the work. In everything. 

Gee, you'd think that I would  look better, then. 

OK, now. Just too many facets on the sparkly diamondoid that is my waking brain. Drained, bored and tired.

Where's dinner?


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