Sunday, January 10, 2016

Size matters and an Eyebrow Lifts

The #crochet365 for 1/9/16 was "size matters"
 I had already shared my response of a 1 inch book I made eons ago,

When I noticed this Tweet by @CrochetBlogger aka Kathryn Vercillo that shares the following passage:

The highlights, for me:


Thought it was really interesting idea. Then I realized that:

1) I already do that all the time:

2) It did and does tell me why I crochet.
Experiment, explore, puzzle solve, play, figure it out and ultimately, to see if I can.

The combination of action and motivation  are inherently bound together in my psyche.

CXI'm a thread crochet artist but I'm also an idea collector/hoarder. I'll see an unusual pattern originally designed for yarn that creates an interesting texture or over all effect. Then I'll break out my steel hooks and size 10 cotton thread and start playing.

Of course, once I figure out how to make something work in thread, I'll lose interest. Although, the technique may eventually pop up in my work in a different capacity. Play and gather.

Well, that is the what I get out of crocheting.
Now as to the why crochet in particuar is my chosen media... I'm still not terribly sure.

It took a lot of work to whittle the rotted wood of my Capital "D" Depression down enough so I could see the rewards of the media.

I've been enjoying that understanding for a while now but now realize it's time to ask why, specifically, crochet.

 A rambling for another time.

To get away from the internet,  purchance to hook.

Always the Me,

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