Sunday, January 3, 2016

One Word 2016 - Whu?

There is a start up company called SOSstudio. It's a business incubator for songwriters.

busi·ness in·cu·ba·tor


  1. a business that provides advice, equipment, temporary qpremises, or other facilities to those starting up a business and lacking in capital
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It's such a cool idea and the peripheral services promoting the idea of artist as entrepreneur is open to all types of artists.

I've never listened to podcasts before in my life. My attention span is quite fra... SQUIRREL!

...quite fragmented. But this concept and the bundle of energy that is the CEO fascinate me. Because: 1) wish the former existed for fiber artists 2) covet the life the latter leads. So, I started listening.

Podcast #50 Your One Word Goal for 2016 -posted around New Year's Eve. (Big shocker!) A proposed method for planning out the year as it concerns your art and career.

I thought about that idea quite seriously (for me anyway). What I came up with has deeply personal meaning to me. Embarrassing, humbling, tear soliciting, painful meaning. My eyes tear up even now as I procrastinate typing it out.

See, being the wiley Borderline Personality that I am, I want to hide and can be very slippery about avoiding discussing  things. Especially once I get going spewing words.

I love to play with words and I am pretty good at slinging them about. Not usually this self confident/arrogant. But I have been told such and I'm in "more than" mode right now. So I'll crow a little as long as it's understood that I'm not flawless. I hate when my caws are proven false, like any normal person.

So, I hid the true power of the one-word I chose behind vagarities. Just posted the word alone and moved on. Trouble with that is that no one asked for elaboration. Which hurt the feelings I was trying to protect in the first place. Oh course, a light breeze can hurt my feelings.

OK enough of that. Sharing is draining my energy.  The word I chose:


It's not that simple, however. It really should have been commit, follow-through, show and / or join. But "participate" is a nice all encompasser that remains vague while letting people think they know what it really means. Slippery hiding.

So what does it mean? Direct and honest: I want to belong.

Hmm. That never occurred to me as a choice before, yet it is what I crave at my core in everything including life. Should have been "Belong" but that reveals too much of what I am so incredibly sensitive about.

So putting it down where potentially someone else might possibly one day actually maybe see it counts as accountable for me. I don't want to flake on this one because I want to win at the endgame so badly.

Well, it's out there. If I want a better life then I have to do things differently. 

So they say.

The Cx

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