Wednesday, January 6, 2016

So. Still trying to exist in the world.

Out there.

Not in my head.

Perhaps "chaotic" is the best way to describe my efforts. Personally, I prefer the more appropriate term "half-ass".

So many things I want to do, yet mental focus still eludes me.

But,  I can try.

So, every so often, I check out the "six word story" writing prompts at on Twitter - @WriterlyTweets. They are a lot of  fun. And helpful.

 I find it difficult to be succinct in my writing. (The term you're looking for is "Uh, yeah.")

I've been using Twitter and it's 140 characters thing to help temper my talky tendencies with fair success. The six word story prompts are also helpful to this end, and plus one major bonus:

The opportunity to be fancifully creativity.

The prompts promote restraint while dusting off the creative impulse...and I get to feel like a right proper smarty pants to boot.  At the very least they make me smile.

Hook it!
The Cx

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